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Full Version: Mix CDs in Kodi
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So, my fiance has a bunch of mix CDs she's made over the years, and I'd like to get them all into Kodi for her to play on demand. There are a few problems with this:
1. Ripping: If I just straight rip them, there will be no artist or song names, as there is no online resources that hold info about her mix CDs. Even if I do rip them, I'd have to manually enter artist and song names, which would suck.
2. Playing: Then, even if I do rip them and manually enter artist and song names for each track on each CD, I'd still have to make a playlist for each one by hand.
There's got to be a better way to do this.
Running Kodi on Ubuntu.

I've done some research, and it seems to me that ripping to an image file might work. It doesn't look like ISO would work for any number of reasons. But what about ripping with a cue sheet? Can Kodi handle this? I just want the image/playlist to have a title, and the ability to skip tracks. I get that getting artist/song titles automatically probably can't happen.
You could look into acoustID and come up with a solution that way.. Although you would eventually have to override the album/track number tags etc.
Rip em, tag em with albumartist "Selfmade", "fiance" or whatsoever and let your fiance add artist and title of the tracks. Albumname is her choice, too. Have done that myself with mixed CDs I've made.
Advantage is, you'll find all of her mixes under that one albumartist sorted by albumname then.
Yep us a special tag for them somehow like the album name, then use a node or smart playlist to seperate them from the main library (if wanted)