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Full Version: How to rip audio cd
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it is just a simple function, but i'm not able to use it. In old xbmc versions (on a mac mini) i can activate this option in the settings and under that i can set the folder an name for the ripping files. Now i have a wetek play 2 and use libreelec 8.0.0 with Kodi 17. I can activate that a disc should be ripped when i put a cd in the usb dvd-rom. But have no settings for format, folder or file. And when i put a audio cd in the drive, i have no auto-rip, but i can play the disc. Can anyone help me how it is possible to rip the audio cd. I can't find anything in a kodi forum or here. MP3 encoder is installed.

In the Wiki and in old versions it looks like this:

now i have no options:
http://up.picr.de/28678633zb.jpg (Screeshot from a imac with usb dvd-rom)

Thanks for your help

Change your level to Expert?

Bottom left of your picture.
argh.... so simple i can't believe it. I thought standard means to reset the settings to standard.

Thank you very much.

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