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Full Version: Setting View to Icons and Small does not persist
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I have set 3 different Kodi 17 systems to use Icons for Movie view, then turned on the "Small" setting to get more movies on the same screen. This works great, and used to be the default Icons view for Kodi 16. However, whenever the Kodi system is turned on the next time, it reverts back to using big icons. I don't know if this is an Amber specific issue. I did not see Icons view as an available option using the default skin, so that's why i'm posting here.

Even if there is a hack way to get small icons to be the default view for a specific profile, i'm happy to do that. Please let me know if this is something that can be fixed. Thanks.
This is a general Kodi issue and not specific to Amber.

A workaround has been posted here:


Basically, set your settings and then switch to another skin and then back again, that should force the settings to be saved.
Thanks for the Information. That seems to work. Seems like this should have been fixed a while ago. Oh well, guess i'll live with the workaround. This is one of those things that is really difficult to find by searching. Thanks for the information.
It looks like the workaround for this actually is not working correctly. I don't know if there is something different with my setup, but i have tried multiple times to set the icon size to small but whatever i do it doesn't persist the settings after i restart the Kodi box. I have tried many times to switch to the default skin after making the setting change, then switched back. It persists at that instant, but then after a restart of the kodi machine, it is back to large icons.

I know this is probably not something that you can change in the skin, but i just thought i'd mention it. Even though it would be a big PITA, i am considering rolling back to Kodi 16 to resolve this and other issues i've experienced since my move to Kodi 17.