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Full Version: Reorder Left Menu item, Default show Video/NFS mount point
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1. Is there any settings I can change to reorder the main menu left item? I nearly turned off all item with only Video and Add-On turned on, but I need to show Video first

2. Or alternatively, is there any way to make the screen show by default the NFS mount point inside Video?

3, Or is it possible to set Favourite as default once Kodi start? This setting is not available in the Settings

Every time I open Kodi, I have to click several times in order to access the item I need

Thank you
Hello, it's not possible to reorder the main menu items with default estuary. You need to look for skin mods. For example "pkscout's estuary mod":


Greetings Hoppel
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thanks a lot for your help
(2017-03-27, 03:03)enri Wrote: [ -> ]1. Is there any settings I can change to reorder the main menu left item?

you need to cut and past in home.xml

<onclick condition="Library.HasContent(tvshows)">ActivateWindow(Videos,videodb://tvshows/titles/,return)</onclick>
<onclick condition="!Library.HasContent(tvshows)">ActivateWindow(Videos,sources://video/,return)</onclick>
<property name="menu_id">$NUMBER[6000]</property>
<property name="id">tvshows</property>
<property name="menu_id">$NUMBER[12000]</property>
<property name="id">livetv</property>
this is tv pvr moved under tv shows