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Full Version: Nodes in pictures
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I use library node editor for movies and music. It allows me to create custom submenus.


Content: Tv Shows
Order: Title
Grouping: Genres
Rule: Path start with PathFolder

Is there any way to reproduce this in Pictures?
Thank you
Pictures does not have nodes as there is no Library database so you only have a simply folder/file view.
So it is impossible to classify comics by publishers?

Except by creating folder named publisher and copy all comics in shortcut?
Only by folder structure.

There is an addon that provides a Pictures database, see 133905 (thread) not ever used it personally so don't know much about it. My understanding is that it's more about adding things like people and location tags, so for example you can do display photos of my mum taken in London, so I don't believe it will help in your use case, but you may want to check it out anyway.
(2017-03-29, 21:38)Raziel Wrote: [ -> ]Except by creating folder named publisher and copy all comics in shortcut?

Forgot to say, some skins allow you to use favourites to create menu items, but perhaps you are already aware and this is what you meant by shortcuts.

So for example you could create a Comics folder then have subfolders for each publisher which then contain your comics, then if you set the Comics folder as a favourite you can add to menu so when you select it the listing of publisher folders will be shown.