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Full Version: Excaliburfilms scraper
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G'day all
This is my first try of a writing a scraper for excaliburfilms and everything seems to work.

Hope you can all use it

more pr0n! Big Grin

feel free to submit it at our patch tracker @ sf.net as well
Excalibur's scraper hasn't worked for me. I've even tried by using an .nfo file pointing exactly to the movie's excalibur url and I got nothing.

Will post more info if I'm having a rare problem that others don't have. There are definitely some movies that are on excalibur that aren't on jadedvideo, so thanks for your effort!
There was a slight change on thier site.... and also nfo support added
Also meant to say Patch added
commited, cheers
links don't work

if a ticket has been submitted the scraper sits in svn. this has even been updated the last two days as you can clearly see by the fact that the thread is #3 in this forum from the top