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Full Version: VDR 2.3.3 Developer version is out
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See vdr-portal
for more info (German forum).
Hello @Spirou,

your link directs to the wrong thread. Here is the announcement for vdr 2.3.3:


Greetings Hoppel

Edit: My link also shows the thread from 2002 at least with my tapatalk. Hm... What's wrong with the hyperlinks?
Both links direct me to the correct thread...
Yes, you are right. Seems to be a direction problem with tapatalk. A web browser directs to the right thread.

Greetings Hoppel
(2017-04-02, 18:36)FernetMenta Wrote: [ -> ]for those of us who like git: https://github.com/FernetMenta/VDR/commits/master

Great! I am using your vnsi plugin for more than a year now. It's absolutely stable in combination with vdr 2.2.0! Thanks
And now it seems 2.3.4 is out:

Has anyone tried it yet with Kodi ?
Tested it quickly and at least Live TV works OK, didn't test recordings and there seemed to be some changes related to those in VDR.
VDR developer release 2.3.5 has been released a week ago:

Some plugins might need a patch to work/compile with 2.3.5, see:

Just compiled: seems to work fine with KODI 17.3.