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Full Version: VDR-Server: Recordings -> PlotOutline vs Episodename
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On VDR-recordings "PlotOutline" gave some info about the recorded program (at least in Oct/Nov 16).
Some days ago, PlotOutline doesn't work anymore for recordings (= empty), but on LiveTV it is filled with info.

Estuary uses "Episodename" on TV-recordings. Changing "PlotOutline" to "Episodename" make it work again with recordings.

Was PlotOutline replaced with Episodename in the VDR-backend? Ksooo mentioned PlotOutline and Episodename is filled from the backend. Thats why I'm asking here.

I'm using VDR-server 2.2 which came with LE 8.0 on a WetekPlay as a server and LE 8.0.1 on a RPi3 as the client. It used to work with 7.9.x.
I noticed that skins like Estuary do not display plotOutline anymore. Since the name plotOutline seemed to me silly and outdated anyway, I changed it to Episodename.

For EPG plotoutline equals episodename. IMO pltoutline should be removed from the interface.
Please make the decission consistent -> Plotoutline shouldn't work for LiveTV also.
"Episodename" should be used for LiveTV, EPG etc.
Will do next time I touch that code.
Now I set both: https://github.com/FernetMenta/pvr.vdr.v...1408c492ba

Seems like PlotOutline is required for TVDB scraper
Thx for changing this, but "PlotOutline" is not working in other backends:

Please the decission what to use in Kodi consistant over all PVR-backends:
PlotOutline OR Episodename for Recordings AND LiveTV

Atm it is PlotOutline/Episodename for LiveTV and Episodename (all) + PlotOutline (VDR) for Recordings
It is not consistant, if you have to use "Episodename" for Recordings and "PlotOutline" for LiveTV and both contain the same info Confused
It is on the PVR maintainers to keep this consistent. I take care that features like scraping work from an addon perspective.