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Full Version: can kodi set framerate info through mediacodec api?
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Hello Guys
For some MKV or AVI files with unstable pts. We need to use duration to keep video out smooth. Can kodi send frame-rate to mediacodec ? Thanks!
Is it https://developer.android.com/reference/...FRAME_RATE that you want?
In float, I guess?
I guess the issue is: mkv stores DTS and not PTS values.

The current mediacodec implementation handle things wrong: DTS are passed as PTS just hoping that it matches (what is not true for mkv/vc-1 + b-frames).

For linux / amlogic we already changed a.) the kodi implementation and b.) the kernel driver.
For android the simplest way ist simply to pass 0 as timestamp in case we don't have pts from stream container.
Drawback is that a/v sync gets worse over the time.


a.) Use VC-1 Bitstreamconverter and calculate PTS from DTS (nothing magic but need to buffer ~16 frames
b) Talk to amlogic that they adapt our changes to android kernel so we let aml vc-1 decoder do things right.

a.) would be a short term solution, but costs some cpu (b is from cpu for free)

Edit: Just to make it more clear: If you pass 0 as PTS to mediacodec on ARM devices, AML driver uses duration internally.
0 ist the PTS_NO_VALUE value for mediacodec
@peak3d not sure we speak about the same issue.

Amlcodec always needed the framerate, and aml mediacodec is just a layer above amcodec /amplayer if I got it right, so I guess aml mediacodec still needs the framerate, somehow, when mkv are not extracted via the built-in mediaextractor...