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Full Version: Andromeda 1.x for Kodi 17.x Krypton
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A lot of the forum users complained in the past that i've never announced the creation of my skins in the WIP skin section.
Maybe a feedback from people who care could be useful during the development of a new skin.

I'm here to introduce my new skin for Kodi Krypton: Andromeda.


Here's just a brief glimpse of the actual skin:

watch gallery


Instead here are some random mockups of the various screens.
The Photoshop file is dated 7th March 2017.
I thought it was interesting the see the changes from the starting idea to the actual implementation.
I had to reconsider some ideas for the limitations of the Kodi skinning engine.

watch gallery

I'll post new screenshots as soon as i finish new pages.

Minimalism and elegance are my target.

This skin sports the same features of my previous skins.








If you like this skin and you want to help a little bit, you can donate here:


View IDs

50 -> Big List
51 -> Fullscreen
52 -> List
53 -> Icons
54 -> Fanart
55 -> Slim List
56 -> Banner List
57 -> Strip Episodes
58 -> Strip Square / Channels
59 -> Strip Posters
5050 -> Card List

Any useful comment is much appreciated!



P.S. Just to celebrate my 1000th post!
Hi Tgxcorporation,

That's a very light font to be using as body copy with such low contrast. You could easily add extra weight without losing the minimalist feel.

Have you fixed a grid for your design?
I made a lot of tests with fonts and backgrounds. I think this is a good compromise. The skin however has an option to change the weight of the font and the background transparency so to accomodate everyone's needs.

What do you mean for grid?


Sorry - I meant a design grid, e.g. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grid_(graphic_design). Having that structure is particularly important for minimal skins as it sets the relationship between elements. Easily dismissed, but they're the linchpin of successful visual design IMHO. Some people can judge it by eye, but why bother when you can let maths do the work?
Yes i'm using a rough visual scheme that helps in keeping the same distance between elements.


Added new list view:

Movie info:


skins looks great when is it likely to actually be live?
The skin needs still a pair of more views, then it's ready for a first public release on Github.

Fanart view:

Fullscreen view:

Small Icons:

Big Icons:

WOOOOOW One of the best skin ever made , need public release on Github now Smile please
and Full screen view i love it but i need it without gray overlay
The skin has already an option to customize the transparency of the overlay.

The skin is not ready yet for a public release. I still have to create the strip and cards views. After i need to focus on pvr and music.

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