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Full Version: Andromeda 1.x for Kodi 17.x Krypton
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Great...thanks for the quick response Tgx.
(2017-09-15, 15:57)Scott00007 Wrote: [ -> ]If possible could you add the option to stop video playback by pressing the back button. Pellucid has this option and as many android box remotes don't have a stop button this would be very helpful.


Done in the latest revision.

Thanks...I have updated and it works perfectly!!!

I absolutely adore this skin !!!

It would be nice when scrolling left or right on Home menu bar the highlighted item should stayed centered😊

But if not that’s ok ... The skin is awesome 😎



(2017-09-06, 15:03)argos400 Wrote: [ -> ]TGX
Excellent job , I have become a huge fan literally overnight and I am using your skin as
Default skin Smile

Requests: on customization

1.Home menu - when scrolling left or right the highlighted item should stayed centered
The same should go for the sub menu it would make navigating easier.
2. Option for more Informational Widgets IE: Weather widgets- showing the 7 day forecast
On the weather page.
3. The ability to select the info displayed in the upper left corner under the Kodi logo for each page
Also the time format .

I think i could create an option in skin settings.

Instead i could work on a weather widget in a near future.

I’m not going to work on your third request. Too much work.


Hi,such an amazing skin.
waiting for a leia update.
It's already available here: 


Netflix view would make this skin just about perfect.
Im loving this skin aswell! Thank you for your great work! I also configured completely for my new Rpi 3+ The only thing I am missing it the option in the Main Menu configuration to set a Pincode or Password to a Entry, because i am having an "Adult" section, and even if i have set a Pincode to the File source "Adult", it just passes by when pressing on the created "Adult" Menu witch is pointing to "Sources -> Adult" (thats an SMB Share) Would it be possible to implement such Pin Code security, for "Main Menu Entry" or Sub Menus ? ("As example the Phenomenal Kodi Skin")

Kind regards,

Hello, where i can set default view to slim list? or further, where i can delete all other views and just leave slim list view? Big thanks

p.s. i recently founded this skin - O M G, best.
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