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Full Version: music concerts
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I've been wanting to watch some of the old music concerts such as queen, 3 dog night, pink, etc. where do i find them on my kodi? i've gone thru all my music stiff and cannot find any mention of concerts.
Kodi does not provide any content whatsoever.

Do you know if the concerts you are looking for are legally available to watch for free anywhere?
If you follow this wiki you will get to see your Concert media in Kodi:


Also: There are skins that do not show 'Music Videos/Concerts' in the Kodi menu until content exists in the Kodi Video Library for 'music videos'.

I wrote up something on splitting concerts into individual songs and using them in Kodi (more like the Audio Library), I will post a link here once I find it (Edit here: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=...pid2389059 )

Based on what I did in the previous link I went ahead and published my toolkit to help others: