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Full Version: animated background problem
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Hello developers and supporters of Kodi

First, I would like to thank you all for your amazing work and keeping it open source for people to unfold their creativity. I needed a project and found Kodi Smile

I was happy to read Kodi now supports animated GIF backgrounds and tested out a few common available pieces.
They ran smooth on my RP2 so I spent the last 14 days creating a 300 layer 882kb 1920x1080 animation.
It takes up almost no ressources but it seems Kodi is only reading the first 5-10 frames and then it restarts.

Any way to solve this problem or did I expect too much?
The current implementation extracts all frames at once. In your case that would mean 300* 1080*1920*4 bytes = 2.48 gb. I've limited the allowed memory to about 79 mb, which are approx. 10 full hd frames.
Thank you so much for the info.
I get how 882 kilobytes can turn into 79 megabytes of memory if Kodi reads the frames bit by bit! :o

The way I read your words it sounds like you hardcoded this setting - so I guess the memory limit is beyond my control.

I am sure this need for animated backgrounds and pictures is just a phase but I think people like to explore the limits of this platform.