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Full Version: HEVC played in HW on one core instead of SW in 4 core
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I have a raspberry pi 2 which allows me to play 720p x265 in libreelec with kodi v17. It uses the 4 cores and ff-hevc-mmal (SW) so software decoding. The playback is ok

But I would preffer to use archlinux arm on my rpi2. But with kodi 17.1 it uses ff-hevc-mmal (HW) so hardware decoding and only one core at 100%. And the playback is not good. with sound skipping sometimes slow framerate and so on.

I have tried disableswmultithreading =false in advancedsettings.xml or usehevccodec = 0 and it changed nothing. I wonder why those settings changed nothing...

How can I force software rendering on 4 cores of h265 video ?

Is it a compile time flag ? a running time config ?
Currently ff-hevc-mmal is considered as hardware decoding but it is actually sw decoding. We are working on a better solution for this, which makes it finally possible to use all cores in this case.
then why it is working in libreelec and not archlinux arm ?
Cause LibreELEC does not run plain kodi, they have roughly 100.000 lines of custom patches for the RPI version, see: https://github.com/LibreELEC/LibreELEC.t...port.patch

Don't confuse kodi mainline with distribution specific patchery.
"Distribution Specific Patchery" That's just too funny.