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Full Version: wierd screentearing issues
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So I'm having the weirdest of issues at the moment and I have a hard time of thinking anything else I can do to solve this so I hope some people here have a suggestion.

My setup
TV [email protected] connected trough club3d displayport -> hdmi converter
Amplifier at 1080p connected trough secondary hdmi port for passtrough audio, secondary port because it does not support 4k passtrough properly.
All running on an Asus H170I-Pro with an Intel Core i3-6300T using the onboard video.

Currently running Fedora with KDE, updated intel drivers trough 01.org tool.
Kodi 17.0 (Currently), issue was also present with 16.x versions

The issue
Well... see for yourself:
EPILEPSY WARNING: https://gfycat.com/ImpressiveSelfreliantHoopoe
Static image: http://imgur.com/NHAt35n (I know focus sucks but it was the only shot i managed to get that displayed this effect)

Basically there is a diagonal screen tear trough the entire screen that always remains visible when there is movement in the video. Any static images are perfect, but when it's moving it seems that that the line seperates a frame difference between the top and the bottom parts. This is irritatingly visible on any scrolling parts in movies. But i can also see it occurring in the menu's in Kodi.

Things I have tried
  • Reinstall OS
    I have switched from Ubuntu with either unity or gnome, linux mint, to fedora with gnome and now KDE. Strangly enough the fedora gnome combination seemed to resolve the issue but I had issues getting vaapi to work under wayland.
  • Switched off hardware acceleration
    Made no difference, issue is still present with both hardware and software rendering
  • Running video in other applications
    VLC fullscreen or youtube in firefox fullscreen did not have these issues, and played back video without tearing
  • Detaching second screen
    Removing the second screen results in perfect playback at either 4k or 1080p. Strangly enough this also improves in-menu performance in Kodi. Everything feels a lot smoother that way.
  • Running kodi in windowed mode
    Also removes the tearing even though it's still almost fullscreen, I have no windowed fullscreen option though and performance still seems decreased by a lot when compared to just the single screen.

And probably a few other things I can't remember. I'v been trying to resolve this on and off for a while now. Now I'm making a big assumption here that this is something kodi related, but it might also be xorg/driver related because the screen might turn black for no reason from time to time for a second or two. As well as the same shape being present when switching resolutions on the second screen for a single frame sometimes...

If anyone has any suggestions on what might be causing this or even better, how i can resolve this it would be really appreciated. If no-one has any idea the next step wil probably be a switch to windows to see if that works, but i'd rather not...
Is this with any resolution video or is it only with 4k content?

Does 480,576,720 and 1080 play ok?
Did you try changing video cable's to make sure it isn't that.
I have swapped out the HDMI cable, that didn't help sadly.

I have it on all video resolutions I play, 4k, 1080 or old 480p sources, everything have the exact same line.

I tried fiddeling with the output resolution, putting both screens to either 1080p or 720p or combinations of those. Problem still persists, although the line does seem to move a bit up, just like it needs less time to full process / ouptut it or something. The start of the vertical line from the diagonal part also seems to glitch to other positions from time to time, just as if added load on some component pushes it "later" so down?
Example with both screens to 1080p: http://imgur.com/KeP0kmZ
Also it seems to happen on both outputs if i move the Kodi window, so that probably rules out any hardware / cable issues. Again removing one of the output fixes it completely on the output that is left, and then they both work perfectly...