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Full Version: feature request
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hello love the skin
but i have some request

i dont see any icons for back forward home
can we have the subtitle functions like in default skin. there we can easily fix the subs sync,
all movies tv serie has also a subtitles icon but its a drawn mark over it
i hope u understand what i mean :_Smile
Most of your requests are usually connected with the controlling device. e.g. remote has a back.forward etc.. A mouse (some mice have back, forward etc). Kodi was designed with a 10 foot interface to be controlled with a remote. Esc usually take you back to the home screen. The subtitle functions are more or less global and not part of the skin and should be a 'feature request' (http://forum.kodi.tv/forumdisplay.php?fid=9) if you want this function moved from the settings>player>language controls; the OSD subtitle options offer browsing and position.