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Full Version: Need help to get music add-ons
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I don't get it...with my 1800E on Kodi 16.1, I just had to click "get more" to find a bunch of different music add-ons I could put on my Kodi; but I just bought a 4K Android box to go with my 4K SUHD TV, and I updated it to Kodi 17.1. Now when I go the Music Addons, it is blank and if I go to get more, there aren't any. Where/how do I get my addons!?? The main one I used to listen to is Digitally Imported, but I don't know how to get it back! Any help is much appreciated!
It just occurred to me that it could be immensely helpful if someone would post a list of the http addresses for where to get some of the better addons! Please and thank you!