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Full Version: Kodi's 2017 Developers' Conference
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We're excited to announce that the 2017 Kodi's Developers' Conference will be from the 5th through the 7th of May in Porto, Portugal!

You can read all about it at https://kodi.tv/article/kodis-2017-devel...conference
Well hoping to have a drink with you guys in the "Devs Night" Wink
I'm in! Hope too see you here Big Grin
I'm definitely interested in attending the conference at Porto. Where can I get more info about it if/when available?
I mean location, fees, content etc.
You can't actually attend the conference but rather meet up for drinks one night during the conference.
So, when and where is going to be that drink with the fans here in Porto ?
We're still deciding location/time.

We'll keep you guys posted.
Tonight's meeting spot with Kodi Team: Adega Sports Bar in Porto.
Are ther any News regarding the release of the XBOX One S UWP App?