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Full Version: 'last played' respect songs/albums from file mode
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When playing songs/albums from file view, they don't get counted as 'last played'.
Is there a way to make them count, too?
No, not currently.

Video is different - everything that gets played gets a database entry even if it is not in the library (hence the played tick). Would be quite a big change to get music to do the same. But I think you are just asking for those songs and albums already in the library that you happen to play back from file view.

Out of interest why are you not using the library for playback?
As it's more easy to just add a complete folder to play random stuff from a 'top genre' than to add artist by artist
There is a music genre node, if you go for hip hop, select the genre, bring up the context menu © and hit play. Kodi will play all songs taged with hip hop Smile

Isn't it the same as use a "top genre folder" ?
I suspect that @Uatschitchun has too many genres, so groups some together into super-genre in his folder hierarchy e.g "rock" covering "hard rock", "punk rock", "alt rock" etc. Current Kodi filtering is not granular enough for very large music collections, so he uses his folder structure to provide convenient divisions.

Could probably use a smart playlist with combination of genre rules, or edit the party mode playlist to use these rules for efficient random playback, but I get that is not as easy as using file view.
Makes sense, Dave
There is a "grouping" Tag in Picard, not sure if its common or its my last.FM Plugin, where the "top genre" gets written, I use it in foobar, if kodi would use this tag also, it would make big collection easy to sort.
GROUPING tag is on my list of remaining tags to implement Smile

@Uatschitchun and I had a long talk on another thread about improved library navigation too. Lots to do, if only thre where more hours in the day.