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Full Version: Howto record on an external HDD?
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I think, most of you are bored by my question, so I am sorry, but I really don't get it.

I plugged an external HDD by USB to my Raspberry Pi 2 and want to use it for TV recordings. I am able to find it in the devices list, and I am able to choose the main directory of it as the recording directory in the dialog. But unfortunately - timer recordings are not made on the HDD, but on the internal flash memory, which is not big enough for that.

What can I do?


Which version do you use for your vdr backend?
It is the VDR PVR Backend 6.0.2.
No ideas? Anyone? Everythings works fine - except the recording...
Sorry, I don't know this version of your vdr. So it's hard to help.

1. Did you try to mount your external hdd to your video dir?
2. (this works in vdr 2.0.2) Did you try to configure the VIDEO_DIR in "/etc/default/vdr"?


You have to change "/media/daten" to the mount point of your external hdd.

3. Since vdr 2.2.0 (least stable version) there is another way to use...

Greetings hoppel