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Full Version: Best way to transfer pics without SD card?
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I've a bunch of fractal pics I'd like to add to my kodi (android). They're on my Win10 PC.

What's the easiest way to get them on Kodi for background and slideshow etc?

As an aside, how can I submit some to the Kodi repository for people to use?
You could transfer them or connect to them via a network share perhaps. Just add the shared directory as a source.
Sounds good, but am very rusty on network sharing.
Thanks very much, I'll take a look today.
Must be just me, I created the share, but it's not showing up when I browse on the kodi. Tried adding manually, no luck there either.

Maybe a cloud addon if there's any good ones?
You could put them up to Google Drive, then allow that address for others. But if your Android device has a USB port, just throw them an a pen drive.
Can't do USB but I'll do the Google drive thing, uneasy about not being passworded but I can delete the share afterwards.
I've used https://imgur.com/ for years, allows images to be posted in forums, downloaded etc.
Was after an addon within Kodi really. I saw two, gdrive and mega but they're just for streaming.
The SD card is often used to save data , and i used to transfer Android messages to computer , it is not difficult . according to tradition , you need to connect your phone to computer ,
Then you can use transfer tool to transfer them ,
You could try Dropbox, I think there's a Kodi addon or just use the Android app.