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Full Version: 17.1 & Milkdrop & Stutter playing of DSF Files from nfs Source
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if I play DSF Files (Stereo or MCH) from a nfs source, the playing begins to stutter,
when I'm using the Milkdrop Visualisation. There seems to be some parts of
the visualisation, when it is stronger or not so strong. If I disable the visualisation
the Music is played very good,

Software is Windows 10 pro, Kodi 17.1., using WASAPI via HDMI,
Hardware is an Intel NUC with Core i5 8 GB RAM, 64 GB SSD and INTeL HD Graphics (embedded)
using GBit LAN to a Synolgy NAS with NFS SHares.

I also recognize: If I play normal FLACs and I'm switching in the menu or hitting a button (ESC), then very often the Music holds for
a short break, better do not touch the Keyboard or make any action, because the song will
be Interrupt for a very short Moment. Is there any way to avoid this? Maybe increasing some buffer or something like this?

The Hardware is not that bad, so I think I can expect a continous playing of Music (Flac or DSF) ánd Visualisation with this Setup.
Or am I wrong?