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Full Version: clean library without confirmation
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I need to clean a library in Kodi 16
About 1100 items must be removed from the library on purpose.
I removed the sources.

I'm unable to clean the library in a sensible way since Kodi always ask me to confirm each missing video.

I tried curl, HTTP, Kodi UI (via settings), all methods always end up Kodi client asking me to confirm each missing file.

I'm pretty sure older version of Kodi would allow me to clean the library without confirmation, at least when the cleanup is done from the Kodi Settings module.

any suggestion?

Thank you!
I added the clean library action in my advanced settings. When launching Kodi, it first updates my library and after that cleans it without asking me to confirm.


Adding it to you advanced settings does have some risk. If you source is not online by accident, it will also clean out you library.
thanks a lot. I understand the risks, I'll remove your section after clean up.

Edit: worked like a charm! Thanks again
You are welcome Big Grin
Thread marked solved.