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Full Version: Video Levels Which Combination?
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AMD Radeon HD 5450 latest driver installed , Windows 7, Kodi 15 Isengard Panasonic TX-58dx750b.

I am confused as to the best way to set video levels.

This version of Kodi defaults to full rgb, TV is limited, so currently I have it set Full, Full, Limited -- Video Level WRONG : Crushed Blacks.

Limited, Full, Limited Is recommended in the wiki, but it says it makes desktops look dark!

So which is the best general order for PC to Kodi to TV Please?

I believe Krypton uses limited rgb, haven't upgraded as my fave Neon skin isn't supported, but would consider for superior video quality.
Perhaps this will help Video levels and color space (wiki) Limited and full range was introduced here. Without seeing your exact set-up, there's no way I could stick my neck out and say this or that is better. It's your hardware and how it reacts according to your vision is the important part, If you have calibration disks or files, this would be the time to use them.

Side note: That graphic card has proven to be problematic with Krypton, windows ten.
If you're using Windows, set everything to RGB full.
Hi everybody.
I have Kodi Leia installed in a Fire TV Stick.
Going into Settings/System/Display (Expert Level) I cannot see the "use limited color range (16-235)" parameter.
Any idea about how to set it?
Thank you.