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Full Version: Kodi 17 Washed Out
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This may be hard to describe without a visual reference but it seems that this started with Kodi 17 and has continued with 17.1 but when I launch Kodi on Windows 7 sometimes it may wash out colours, especially blacks. This is very easy to see if you put on a movie where it's letterboxed (2.40:1 for instance the picture is grey vs the black bars which are not part of the picture which are black) or even if credits roll over a black background -- the background is a darker grey but very definitely not black. In order to remedy this I've exited out of Kodi and re-opened it and this seems to solve this issue. I can't wrap my head around why this would be happening in the first place. Any help would be much appreciated.
This wiki will help clarify Video levels and color space (wiki) and this forum is worth reading 267528 (thread)