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Full Version: [Samsung] Kodi - nothing but loud noise after Android 7 update
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That's a good argument, but I like my Samsung Tab ;-)

Ok, I just wanted to ask, you got your point of view clear about that.
I don't think you go my pov. I care a shit about nvidia, I care shit about Samsung - what I care is android audio standards. If someone follows them - no matter the brand's name we support it ...

But you seriously think we should degrade audio for all android devices out there to workaround Samsung's bad firmware? Is that your oppinion?
My recommendation whould be not to degrade audio for ALL android devices, but only for Samsung devices with Android 7.x at the moment.

Perhaps via a switch in audio settings to switch on/off FLOAT.
How would that help spotify?
I've tried just now both apps, Spotify and Youtube! Both apps work fine on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with headphone audio!

Only standard Kodi plays no audio on my headphones.

But your latest PITA build plays audio on headphone, too! ;-)
@rainman74 it was already decided NOT to workaround broken firmwares, there will be no exceptions. it does not matter how big samsung are on the android market.
@rainman74 and if you are not happy with that, you should contact samsung support.
Please don't be upset, I only wanted to ask what the lastest PITA build is for and I'm interested why you guys are so restricted about a fix for Samsung in Kodi.

I'm very happy with fritsch's PITA build, because It works fine and also I love KODI over all !!!
PITA build: https://github.com/fritsch/xbmc/commit/2...e5818e979e <- includes this "Samsung sucks" commit. It's a one liner disabling Float audio format and therefore falling back on 16 bit integer audio with half the resolution and double the conversion.
in case "we are not going to degrade experience for everyone" is still not clear:

for your information, spotify have paying customers, they have a reason to do whatever workarounds they need to for any broken vendor firmwares to make their customers happy. google/youtube is a bit different story.

kodi have no customers, however, samsung do have ones, including you, so take your demands somewhere else, please. thank you.
I twittered them - again - let's see ...
Just to be clear, I know that's Samsungs fault!

But I only want to hear headphone audio. And if it's only 16 bit INTEGER, I don't care about that. 16 bit is way better than NO audio at all! ;-)

Thank you for your effort!
It's users at the end that change something ... that's not only for tech or toys, it's also for other things in life ... today it's your float format, tomorrow 50% of the tv stations and the day after that it's the water to drink ... but hey - as long the world has 16 bit integer audio - everything is fine.
I have this issue with my samsung tablet as well. Would someone that is more tech-savvy than I am be able to provide a basic recap of the problem so we can go to samsung customer support directly and ask them to address the problem?

a) With Android 5 a new superior format (32 bit) vs. an old format (16) bit was introduced. This format is called "float format".
b) Kodi implemented support for this Float format in the v17 release
c) With the new Android 7 update Samsung naturally also made this 32 bit float format available, but seems to have broken its implementation in their firmware.

On Samsung devices, where ask: Do you support Float format? We get the answer: Yes, sure we do! Then we ask: Are you doing it via headphones, too? And we get the answer: Yes, we do - for sure.

The result you get is noise, though.

Current workaround: Disable Float format completely, so that samsung will happily use the 16 bit integer format.
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