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Full Version: Don't hide OSD while playing music
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Hi everyone,

I hope I ended up at the right place and did not overlook a post already answering my question.

I recently upgraded to Krypton and I am enjoying the new look a lot. There is just one tiny thing I like to change but I am not deep enough into Kodi to do the changes myself:

While playing music in fullscreen mode I would like to have the Seekbar, Time, Nowplaying, Album-picture,... showing all the time and not fading out after a few seconds. So far I only found solutions on how to get rid of them. I guess it is not to hard to change and it has to be somewhere in the MusicOSD.xml or DialogSeekBar.xml but I am not able to find it.
The simplest thing is after the OSD fades press is Info or Menu key (alternatively I or M on keyboard) from then on it will stay on screen until you press Info or Menu key (alternatively I or M on keyboard) to dismiss it, note you only have to do this the once if you never dismiss the OSD as it will remember you had pressed Info or Menu key (alternatively I or M on keyboard) from the last time.

Anyone have any idea? I would also like the OSD (seekbar etc) to be permanently displayed on the 'Now Playing' page. I was expecting some timer to be found in something like MusicOSD.xml, MusicVisualization.xml, PlayerControls.xml, DialogSeekBar.xml, set to 8 or so seconds, but I haven't found anything.

EDIT: Disregard, I seem to have done it. DialogSeekBar.xml, commenting out the first three <visible> tags, leaving only <visible>Window.IsActive(visualisation) | Window.IsActive(fullscreenvideo)</visible> on line 6.
Or simply do as I said in the previous post.