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Full Version: Estuary font.xml file
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Looking to change some fonts on an android device, but I just can not find the pesky lil font.xml file. I am just so baffled as never had an issue. I feel like I have looked through every single file. Sad
I found it on my desktop (windows) which was in an odd location and modified it. As not in the regular "userdata" path.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
The reason you cannot find it is because the Estuary skin is installed with the system data, and therefore is not user writeable. In order to modify the skin on Android you would need to create your own copy of the skin, change its ID and modify the skin as you want, and then install it as a separate/additional skin.
Thanks for the info, was extremely helpful and surprisingly painless to do. Except downloading version 2.0 and not the Krypton version and floundering around with that. I can not say enough how much I really appreciate the help!!! Love Estuary but without being able to change the font, it was useless. So enjoy its simple layout, which is actually perfect for me.
Now if Estuary would come with ratings, I would be in hog heaven. Smile