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Full Version: Change Logo
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Hi there, how do I change the logo in Kodi 17. I have download the Kodi textures tool, then I have loaded the textures file which is located in the addons/skin.estuary/media folder, but for the life of me I cannot find the logo in there. Thank you
Thank you for the quick reply Hitcher I appreciate it. I am using an android version, so I only have a Textures.xbt file. When I try and extract the file which is located in the skin.estuary folder, I cannot find the logo?
Using the Kodi textures tool, decompile the Textures.xbt file then you are going to see the "icons" folder.
In the "icons" folder is where you have "logo.png", make your changes then recompile Textures.xbt with the Kodi textures tool.