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Full Version: subtitles, not cc
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Still pretty new but finding my way around. Does anyone know a subtitle add-on or service that will provide subtitles instead of closed captions? Sick of starting and stopping a film trying to find subtitles. I just want to read what is in other languges
As you describe, "subtitles" and "closed captions" are essentially the same thing. What you're looking for, I think, are *forced* subtitles, which appear on-screen whether or not subtitles are enabled - typically, they get forced onto screen when someone is speaking in a different language (whether that's French, Yiddish, Klingon, or anything else).

So, it's not so much about the addon, as it is the subtitle track itself - and whether that has any capability to "hint" to the player. The bad news is that I'm not aware of any, but someone else might know better.

Failing that, you're editing the .srt file yourself...
Moving to subtitle support as a more appropriate home.