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Full Version: Can I display more items without scrolling?
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I'm running Kodi 17.1 under win10 in an Intel NUC to view local content on my TV. I'm not sure if Kodi is the right application for this, but it comes pretty darn close to want I want. I don't find the library features useful, so I just use kodi to navigate the file structure of my local content (using a bluetooth mouse, or the touchpad of my bluetooth keyboard).

I find the default skin (Estuary) quite pleasant. I only enable two main menu items (Video & Favorites) and I like how my four Media sources appear as soon as I hover over the "Videos" main menu item. My only complaint is that the font is so large I can see only about 13 items in a folder, but most of my folders have 40 to 80 items, so it gets kind of tiring need to scroll all the time.

I tried other skins, and found that they were all awful until I came to Transparency which has a nice simple look. The font is smaller which is good since now I can see about 23 items at once. But as I said, most of my folders are bigger than that, so I still need to do a lot of scrolling. The frustrating thing is that Transparency is only using 1/4 of the screen to display the folder items. The rest of the screen is pretty much blank. This seems like a shame to waste so much useful space. If I could get it to use 3 or 4 columns I would hardly ever need to scroll.

Is there a way to edit Transparency so that it can display more files or folders in the video section? If not, are there any other skins that can do what I want? Since what I want to do is relatively simple, perhaps there are windows applications other than Kodi that would be more suited to navigating and playing local content?

Any suggestions you have will be much appreciated, no matter how farfetched Smile

Pretty much the same thoughts as http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=...pid2571792

I suspect you haven't really explored Kodi or the skins choices, eg. different views, like cover flow etc... only puts up a handful of covers, but put a flying scroll mouse on the display and you find a navigation bar at the bottom that will throw you through your collection, hitting shift+letter takes you instantly to that item in a list. In the skin settings, there is a feature for changing the list length from small medium and large... I'm betting it's default for your set-up? You can change the font size (not sure if you've investigated that) or put on your skinning hat and anything is possible.

I suggest that you will come to see the value of a library if Kodi becomes your primary window for videos.