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Full Version: Ignore PTVL playcount with Emby plugin
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Now this may very well be something that PseudoTV cannot control but it's worth a shot to ask.

I am using PTVL 0.8 with the Emby plugin playing direct and it works fine. The only issue is that whatever I play with the add-on still gets marked in my emby library as played. I know that there are settings to turn this off (and they probably work just fine with the native Kodi library) but using the emby add-on doesn't seem to work. Once I exit PTVL, my main Kodi library gives me the option to resume viewing all the items that I just navigated through the EPG in PTVL.

The reason I think this is happening is because the emby plugin just activates the stream to start playing through Kodi but the playcount is marked through the backend of the emby server. That's the best way I can explain it having not programming experience myself.

I would love to channel surf in PTVL without worrying about affecting any of the playstates in my library.

Do you think there is any remedy to this?
I'm not sure how emby marks its playcounts... As for Kodi PTVL v.0.9x will allow users to "disable" playcounts. V.0.8x also includes this feature but it may not work as well as my new function which simply restores the original user playcount after viewing content.