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Full Version: 3D subs and menu shaking
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Hi all,

I want to watch a 3d movie with Kodi. The 3D mode is working alright. The menu and movie are sharp in 3D. Only I can't get the subtitles to work. The subtitles are on the right place, but are shaking/flickering. One side of my glasses show the sub sharp, and the others show them shaking. The pause menu has the same problem, this is not sharp. Where the time and title on the top of the screen do not have this problem.

Has someone got a solution for this problem?
Thank for your reply, but unfortunately it is not the format of the subs that is causing it. Both subs and menu (play bar) are shaking in 3d mode
I have the same problem. Video plays fine but osd menu and subtitles on the left side of screen(side by side mode) are shaky.

On previous version of kodi (16.*) everything was fine and i didn't have this problem.