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Full Version: Kodi 17 something is wrong
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After having to reinstall kodi 17, (it asked for a password that I didn't have and after giving it the only two that were used on the client and server I figured I'd just reinstall and start afresh) No biggie really as I'd just installed it to check it out. I've mainly used Mythtv as my pvr but felt like a change.
So after purging the system of the kodi install and making sure all config files etc had been wiped I did a reboot and re-installed kodi using the same install method as the first time.
Though this time nothing worked.No kodi icon,
didn't work.
and got this error
/usr/bin/kodi-standalone: 45: /usr/bin/kodi-standalone: /usr/bin/kodi: not found
/usr/bin/kodi-standalone: 45: /usr/bin/kodi-standalone: /usr/bin/kodi: not found
/usr/bin/kodi-standalone: 45: /usr/bin/kodi-standalone: /usr/bin/kodi: not found
/usr/bin/kodi --standalone  has exited in an unclean state 3 times in the last 0 seconds.
Something is probably wrong

The client machine has a fresh install of Elementary that has been updated while installing the original kodi install and my second attempt.
Any help appreciated. thanks
debug log (wiki)
dpkg -l | grep kodi | pastenbinit

I installed the manual debug log file from the kodi wiki and then like an idiot I deleted the .log and .log.old files so that I could get a more recent debug report. But after trying to start kodi using <CODE>/usr/bin/kodi</CODE> -bash: /usr/bin/kodi: No such file or directory<CODE>/usr/bin/kodi-standalone</CODE> /usr/bin/kodi-standalone: 45: /usr/bin/kodi-standalone: /usr/bin/kodi: not found
/usr/bin/kodi-standalone: 45: /usr/bin/kodi-standalone: /usr/bin/kodi: not found
/usr/bin/kodi-standalone: 45: /usr/bin/kodi-standalone: /usr/bin/kodi: not found
/usr/bin/kodi --standalone has exited in an unclean state 3 times in the last 0 seconds.
Something is probably wrong
No debug report was generated. I'd like to keep at this to learn more about working with kodi but it's been a few weeks. So I'm going to delete everything that <CODE>find</CODE> turns up and start again.
Thanks for your replies
Please post what I asked for
pretty obvious that kodi is not installed
Just want to make it ovious for the OP, too :-)
For reference to install kodi; those are the messages you'd expect if you didnt install kodi Smile

sudo apt install software-properties-common
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install kodi
Is that so on the OS he uses?
It's Elementary according to the OP, if that's correct then yes it uses apt and PPA's.

Although I think you have to enable PPA's first they don't work out of the box.
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