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Full Version: Amber 3.0.7 Jarvis Style Shelves very slow to load
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I have been using the Jarvis style shelves in Amber, and the update to 3.0.7 seems to not wait for the Jarvis style shelves to fully load before showing the skin. Therefore, the shelves take even longer to load and show my movies and tv shows in a strange order. I had to roll back to 3.0.6 in order for the Jarvis style shelves to function correctly again.

I just thought i'd let you know of the change so hopefully it can be fixed in the next update.

Hi, unfortunately the 'hack' that was used to wait for the shelves to load before showing the skin causes the skin to not load at all on some devices so had to be removed.

All of the other skins that use Skin Widgets (which is what the Jarvis style shelves use) also have the same issue so I don't think there is a way to change it at the moment.
That sucks that this is another issue with Kodi 17 and "Skin Widgets". The logic behind the old Jarvis style shelves for TV shows, Movies, and Music was awesome and all the information was on a single screen. I just can't bring myself to use the new shelves in Amber. The following may be my own personal preference, but these are the reasons I don't use the new shelves in Kodi 17 Amber.
You have to arrow up to switch the lists you're looking at, but if you arrow down, it goes back to the main ribbon, so that means that for shelves like TV Shows, if you missed the list you wanted, you have to cycle through everything again. The old shelves were better because it was all on one screen and you could see the new, in-progress tv shows, and in-progress episodes all on one screen making it easier to find what you're looking for. Also, technically an in-progress episode should also be considered as that TV Show being in progress as well. For instance, if you started the first episode of a TV Show, but didn't finish it, then the episode is deffinitely in-progress, but that episode is also part of the TV Show, so therefore, the TV Show is also in-progress. There are a few TV Shows i have started the first episode, but haven't completed which show up in a totally different list in the new shelves than the other in-progress TV shows. It is very confusing when using those shelves to figure out what i'm currently watching sometimes.

Enough of the rant. It sucks that this is an issue you may not be able to solve. I don't know if it's possible, but if the new shelves would completely mimic the old shelf logic, that would be great. Otherwise, I am considering rolling back to Kodi 16 (even though that brings it's own complications), but with this and other Kodi specific issues i've run into, it feels like Kodi 16 was more stable than 17 currently is, and Kodi is already concerned with version 18 instead of making 17 stable. Kinda concerning me a little bit, but that is not for this thread.

Sorry for wasting any of your time with my opinions and views. Thanks for the otherwise great skin, it is the best option i've found!
Yes very frustrating! Did you ever find a resolution to this?