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Full Version: Hypercon and other Lightberry questions!
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Hello guys,

I am running a Lightberry HD kit connected to my RPi 3 running the OpenELEC that Lightberry provides on their download section. I watch all my media on a NVIDIA Shield running SPMC(KODI), and I am using the Hyperion Ambilight addon, where I have added my RPi as the Hyperion host.

After I connected everything, I ran HyperCon on my Mac and followed your Wiki and this guide http://www.chewie.co.uk/general/how-to-s...-hypercon/ to set everything up. Now basically I got everything running, and it looks decent. However the colors are quite a bit off, so I obviously need to do the color calibration part of the setup.

I have not managed to get the color calibration part going though. The lights fire up immediately when I start a video in SPMC on the Shield, but nothing happens when I open up the calibration pictures(or any other pictures for that matter). I have set KODI checker to look for both video, pictures and menu - but still it only respond to video.
Can anyone help me how to go about this setup?

Other than that I have a few other issues I would like adressed, that I could not find the answers for.

It seems like my light is pretty "flashy". It is a little bit hard to describe but here it goes. For example if the camera is panning over some street lights, the LED's will flash heavily when the streetlights reach the side of the screen. Also it seems like my setup only responds to elements that are highly illuminated. So say there is a spaceship on the screen, the LEDs will only light up for the lights on the spacecraft etc. When watching cartoons, it seems like it responds a lot better, and respons to all most content as it does to heavily illuminated part in regular movies/series. I would like a more even and smooth lighting where the LEDs go off only go off when the elements on screen are entirely black, as apposed to being mostly off and only lighting up on very illuminated elements in scenes. I hope it makes sense? If not I will try to explain better or provide some videos or pictures. Any help on this point?

Finally, I would like to ask about power consumption. I must admit I don't know much about electronics per say. Right now I have the RPi just running as is from the Lightberry image. I never turn it off or touch it all basically. The power adapter for the Lightberry kit is also just connected to a power source all the time. I assume that it only consumes "a lot" of power when the LED lighting is on? I basically don't have any idea if the Raspberry is using a lot of power when idling, or if the LED power supply is using anything. Is it advisable to implement some kind of on/off system where I can turn it off, or put it into a sleep mode? Any tips on this matter is highly appreciated! If it matters, I am using a Logitech Harmony setup for my TV/receiver/Shield to turn everything on off together - it might be able to help me handle power on this as well?

Sorry for the mammoth topic! I really appreciate any help from you guys!