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Full Version: Picture from URL?
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Is it possible to use STRM files (didn't work for me) or otherwise access an image from reference / link?

the short version is I have a few security cameras that offer the ability to pull a jpeg image from the live feed via a url. E.g.

http://user:[email protected]_host/Streaming/channels/1/picture

I tried creating a STRM file, but kodi didn't open the image (I'm guessing it's trying to use vplayer and expecting audio / video).

Any thoughts?
There is an addon for this.

240768 (thread)
(2017-04-23, 00:54)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]There is an addon for this.

240768 (thread)


I've been using a modified version of this for a while (I modified it support more cameras... really ugly code edits though). I'm looking to move away from this as it is a bit more heavy handed than I need unless..... crossing into development realm (I can open a new thread if this is more than a yes / no answer).

Can you have multiple xbmc.player() instances on the screen at the same time (e.g.PIP)? I don't see how to set coordinates or dimensions, so I'm assuming no.

I can't use mjpeg (already using 2 x h.264 streams), and pulling snapshots doesn't exactly run smooth. I may roll-my own plugin with a player() instance rotating through the cameras every few seconds.