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Full Version: How to access and use WebViewer for Kodi (XBMC)
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I have just updated to Krypton and there does not seem to be web browser. I installed WebViewer and I have absolutely no idea how to use it. If there are other users who have succeeded in doing so I would appreciate any and all advice available.

Thank you in advance and regards
Correct there are no Web viewer Add-ons working yet. Its been worked on a few times but nothing has really been released properly.
Thank you for you reply docwra I suspected that there was something amiss when it just plain refused to work. Can you recommend satisfactory browser at all?

If you are on android then you can use their built in browser I think. Never tried this though.
I use a Cocoon Kodi box and I believe it is an Android setup. I'll need to check up on the boot-up screen for a browser before I access Kodi. I'll do that tomorrow and I'll get back to you.