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Full Version: Channel blacklisting (client side only)
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I am currently trying to understand blacklisting of channels on client side. I recently noticed this option exists under PVR/Client-specific-settings and was wondering if it only affects the client's local channel list or if it in fact triggers filtering of the backend's channel list.

I would be very much in favor of having a local/client side option for filtering rather than on the backend so my kids would have a restricted channel list while the parent's client would still have the full channellist of the vdr backend.

Unfortunately I did not find much reference to this feature and was hoping FernetMenta could briefly comment on it.
Replying to myself: Channel blacklisting is not the way to go. Filtering set on any client will affect channel list on all clients. So the only remaining option I found is using KODI' channel manager to edit the local channel list. It's more cumbersome but it works.

If I could make a feature request I'd like to see local filtering impelented in VNSI. If possible with a filter list that can be shared with other clients without the need for repeated tuning.
client side filtering needs to be implemented on client side. It would put too much load on the server. In addition filtering on the server also affects searh timers.

I would think this is something for PVR in gerneral. Am I wrong?
Well, yes. Makes sense.