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Full Version: CAN HTPC Upscale HD 1080p to 4K?
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Hi Guys,

I have ONKYO TX-RZ800 Receiver which has a pass through 4K, It is connected to my HTPC via HDMI, in the HTPC I am using NVIDIA 970. Let me know is it possible to upscale HD 1080p to 4K from the HTPC? or it have to be from the Receiver?. Guide me please. Thanks.
It's far better to let the Display upscale with built in hardware scalers, I doubt your AVR has scaling, but just passes the signal. To achieve 4K 60 cycles you would need HDMI 2 support on both ends. Poached out of context from a popular video site "To display a 4k resolution at 60Hz, the video interface (HDMI, DisplayPort) needs to transfer 12 Gbits/second of data:" Netflix is looking at 15Gbits and UHD would be higher, I've heard 25Gbits sec and more.

-HDMI 1.2: up to 4.95 Gbits/sec
-HDMI 1.4: up to 10.2 Gbits/sec
-HDMI 2.0: up to 18.0 Gbits/sec
-DisplayPort 1.2: 17.2 Gbit/sec
-DisplayPort 1.3: 32.4 Gbit/sec

Looks like you should be fine for the hardware, although UHD might be your Waterloo. http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-...ifications