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Full Version: Setting up MySQL
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I've just ordered a new AndroidTV and I plan to swith from a PC-HDMI-TV (kodi)-solution to a network based Kodi configuration. I have been using kodi (or xbmc) for years now and I'm quite familliar with it's interface and usage, altough the v17 is still rather strange to me.

Anyhow, I'm fairly unfamiliar with servers and network configurations and since I'm having some troubles setting everything up - I'm turning to you guys for some help and advice.

I've tried to read up on things and as I mainly want to use my AndroidTV as a viewing point, while still be able to manage my library from the PC, a MySQL solution sounded like a fit for me. This should also allow me keep track and continue watching on a different device, if I'm not mistaken. Mainly what I want to do is keep track of watched no matter which device marks them and be able to edit fanart/names/sets from any device. If there is a better way for this then MySQL - I'm all ears!

I've a PC with a static network IP to on which I've just installed MySQL in accordance with instructions given in: http://kodi.wiki/view/MySQL/Setting_up_M...ab=Windows
I then continued to set up kodi with an advancedsettings.xml in line with MySQL/Setting_up_Kodi (wiki)

Unfortunately I'm not able to figure out how map the network drive to start scraping (I have a local folder export). No matter what I do it won't start creating a database, either if I try a local path or network path. I don't know whether to choose smb or NFS, I don't know if I am supposed to add a password or not - neither which one. Tbh, I have no idea what I'm doing nor what i am supposed to do..

Sorry for bad English!

/Regards, QWee
Add-on:Trakt (wiki)

This might be what you want
gary9872: thats not what hes asking.

Where are the files located that you want to share? What operating system?
(2017-04-27, 03:31)gary9872 Wrote: [ -> ]Add-on:Trakt (wiki)

This might be what you want

I've looked into it, it seems to be a good solution, but not exactly what I am after. I might try this as a temporary config if I can't get the MySQL working properly.

The main problem I see with this is that I sync my computer to The trakt server, then back to my android device - this means that files that are not found in the database of Trakt may get lost in the translation.

I also experienced some problems with some TV-show extras.

All in all it seems like a solid alternative, but not as seemless as I may want.

I haven't recieved my new device yet,as the postal service mixed it up - so I haven't been able to fully test it yet. I might be wrong in my first assessment.
(2017-04-27, 13:29)helta Wrote: [ -> ]gary9872: thats not what hes asking.

Where are the files located that you want to share? What operating system?

They are located on a machine running windows. The paths are shared locally to me (the admin) and password-locked. I have been able to access them through SMB (before trying MySQL) via my android phone, by giving my computer login address and my computer password. I've tried this setup in Kodi but with no success.

Might be worth pointing out that I've tried to set it all up on the machine running the MySQL.
What Windows version?
(2017-04-27, 14:07)helta Wrote: [ -> ]What Windows version?

Haha oops, sorry! Smile

Windows 10
Any chance you are trying to share off the C drive?
No, the folder I've tried to set up is located on a dedicated Software-RAID disk. I have 2 such disks and one additional hardware RAID disks.

Although, so far I've only exprimented on one folder located in one of the software raided disks, namely

E:/Movies HD/


smb://M-PC/Storages Spaces/Movies HD/

Local IP for machine running MySQL is
I assume the sources name is "Movies HD"? <---- confirm this, by going to the Windows Explorer and right clicking the source clicking "sharing" or whatever, and determine the correct "share name"

If so, go to Kodi, and try to add the source manually (don't try to browse), and type in "smb:// HD"
Not quite sure exactly what you mean by source. The folder name is "Movies HD" with a space, but the network path is \\M-PC\Storage Space\Movies HD

I've tried to manually enter "smb:// HD" but with no success. I get an error message:

"Couldn't retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add it anyway?"

Is there a possibility that my MySQL set-up is wrong?

I have a password file in my userdata folder with the username and password for my admin pc account.
Ok lets go back to basics..... When you "share" via smb, the full path is irrelevant.

So if you share the following directory "E:\im a folder\im a subfolder\Movies" (Ensuring the share name is "Movies") and the ip of that share is, you would type in the smb location as follows: "smb://"
Aha, ok I see. As you might have understood, I'm not very familiar with this kind of configurations. I am very grateful for your help.

I have now revised my sharing options to directly share the Movies HD folder (instead of its root E: - as it was before). I now got passed the prior error, but encounter the problem I had yesterday. In other words, I see each movie folder (movies are in separate folders) only under "Video files"-section. From here I can play them etc.

But they are not in the movie DB so to say. In other words, my library is empty and I am not able to refresh it.
What happens when you go into Video->Files, find your source and right click or press C, choose "edit source" and then set the content of that source?
I just double checked this, and it seems as it loses its content as soon as I enter it.

- I specify content to Movies and change some minor settings and hit enter
- I am asked if I want to refresh library - I press yes - nothing happens
- I recheck my content settings - and it is reset to none again.
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