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Full Version: Pandora and Kodi 17.2
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Is there any working Pandora with Kodi 17.1

I tried the 2 by spbogie.

1 installs but doesn't show up in files anywhere.

The other installs but when launched it just gives an error.

Thanks in Advance.
Pandoki 0.9.3 is working just fine for me with Kodi 17.1

It's by Gominoa

I don't know if any of them will just automagically show up in Files, though... you need to access it through Addons, or add a link to your Music submenu if your skin allows. (I use Aeon Nox Silvo)
I second that, Pandoki is about all I use anymore. Great addon.
Interface isn't quite as nice, but it does work which is great
XBMC updated to 17.2.

Latest Pandora still gives error and won't play :*(
This worked for me. Trespasser edited line 33 of pandaplyer.py file