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Full Version: The Paper Street Soap Company
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The name really has my interest... I have look all over for a screenshot shot... Does anyone have one just to settle my curiosity? I would love to see what it looked like even if it was never released.
One up the request https://youtu.be/HwkFaXK1Z_A
I love the animation on that it very unique... The whole view.
6 years ago!
It maybe 6yrs old but i will have to say it is one of the most unique out of the box skins I have ever seen... Very creative and much respect.. I looks amazing. So much detail in all the images.. very well done.

Thank you for sharing this ever since I saw the name I had been intrigued , and now I see it is as good as the name.
I wasn't knocking it for being old; I just couldn't believe it was that long ago.
You should finish it, or open it, shame to let that art go to waste (unless the other guy threw his toys out the pram!).
Agreed I do believe‚Äč it would it would be a hit.
I still remember how I used to visit its thread daily, hoping that some day it was completed... I was very disappointed when the thread was closed... If there was any chance now to have a look to the code although it is unfinished I would love it Nod
Long time ago, Jugger and i started something similar Smile

Take a look here: Cirrus Vintage
They do look a lot alike... Was this like a theme at the time... Or some movie its weird that it would be a complete unique idea that you both had at the same time. Lol ... It still looks good both of them.
Ofcourse T.P.S.S.C was the inspiration for creating Cirrus Vintage