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Full Version: Android box upnp sleep problem?
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Im using my M8S box as the main UPNP server in one room and set everything up fine. When I put the box into standby with the remote I can still access the files fine for a while but then all the devices I have that can access it just stop seeing the main box. Is this because of Android going to sleep in the background or something in Kodi itself? It seems to be ok seeing the box in standby. Does anyone know a way for it to see the box all the time? Any help is much appreciated.
It's a issue with your box/firmware, nothing to do with Kodi. If it only happens when your box goes into standby, then set it so that it's always awake.
That is normal - why do you think it is called STAND-BY?? Smile If your TV is in STAND BY - you can't watch it or do anything. Stand by means that it has only little electricity and small logic to be TURNED ON, as opposed to TURNED OFF, when you have to press a button or a switch (remote wouldn't work)... so really no issue, IMHO.