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Full Version: Kodi 17 on fire TV
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I am new to kodi so far i am loving it though. I have a really light setup. I have a dd-wrt router running mini dlna with a external hard drive connected to it acting as my media server.
I then have a amazon fire tv with kodi 17 loaded onto it. I am assuming i cant really use the fire tv as a media server it seems really to be built as a client device.
I am having a heck of a time figuring out how to get some of my shows to show up in the tv selection. I made a seperate folder for this series and set it as tv but it is not showing up.
Ok so it turns out a lot of my issue is simply the naming convention.
Ok, so this is still causing me some issues.
1 seasons shows up just fine but the other 2 seasons do not show up at all.

My file structure is as such
Tv shows --> The White Queen --> Season_01 --> The White Queen S1E1
Tv shows --> The White Queen --> Season_02 --> The White Queen S2E1
Tv shows --> The White Queen --> Season_03 --> The White Queen S3E1

I added the parent directory Tv Shows as a source set media type to shows ( or tv shows forget the exact wording )

The white queen shows up and the episodes for season 1 all show up but the other 2 seasons dont show up.
Is that this show? http://thetvdb.com/?tab=seasonall&id=266092&lid=7 as that shows there being only one season.
Yes thats the one, weird that its incorrect given that its not a new series its been out a while and stopped after 3 seasons. This explains the error though. i will have to poke around the scrappers and see if there is one that will work better. Funny too i had set thetvdb as the scrapper.
I think i know why some people might go mad with this lol. I found a scraper that works well ( the universal movie scrapper ) but i have to set content as movie and it recognizes all the seasons for the white queen. is there a way to use the universal scrapper and set content as tv?
What do you think are Series 2 & 3? as all online sources says there's only been one series, see also https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Whit...TV_series)
Weird that might be the case. I have the dvd's maybe the episodes are all a bit longer than how they split them up when making the dvd's.
i guess i will have to figure out just how these are supposed to be pieced together over 10 episodes from what it looks like.
What?! The white princess only just came out as a follow-up series.
Ya my wife is looking forward to getting the white princess also. I haven't seen it yet though to buy it. my wife first got hooked when she saw the white Queen at the library and didnt have the time to finish it before returning the dvd. I found it at walmart for like 10$ but its so much easier to have the series on the NAS than unlocking the entertainment center loading a dvd then switching it out.
The other way is to get an account on the database site and fix it at source (and do so for everyone in the process).
There nothing wrong with any of the metadata sites as far ad I can see as there was only ever 10 times 1 hour episodes.

Tdiguy, did you select dvd order in the scraper? although without proper naming that still will not work, you should only have the 10 files that will match up to the 10 episodes, and the naming must match the online metadata site used for scraping.