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Full Version: Live TV:When pausing Live TV the time don't count from when it paused from.
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I pause it at 1 minute 49 seconds and then played it after 5 mins,the timer jumps to 5 minutes 48 seconds,shouldn't it still be counting up from 1 minute 49 seconds,so 1:50,1:51 and so on,The program don't jump so the video of it plays from the same point I paused it,if you think about it,its just made the program shorter.,so the more you pause it the shorter the program gets.?

So if I pause the program for 30 mins and the program is 30 mins long and then play it,it thinks the program has finished then after 10 to 30 seconds stops the playback and freezes Kodi,cos its deleted the live TV files in NextPVR folder.

So this is the 10 minute bug.

I did post it in the NextPVR thread but no one has answered about this problem.like no one can fix it.Hope this is fixed in v18 because its in 16.1 and 17.1 for Android.I use it on a MXQ Slim Box and Android 6.0 but have tried it on Android 4.4 with Kodi 16.1 and has the problem too.

So at the moment you can't use timeshift.

313372 (thread)

Hope someone can look into this.

I will be posting a video soon about this on You Tube.