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Full Version: 3D video has jagged edges
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Hi, i have a problem with 3D video playback, the picture has jagged edges, noticeably on the Sony moving logo at the start and other scenes, 2D video plays ok and the 3D souce is ok too as i have played it on another device (Mede8er X3D). I am playing this through a sony projector and have allso played it on a Pioneer 50" TV with the same results. I'm running a HTPC with Ubuntu 16.0 and Kodi Jarvis 16.0.
The build was working fine untill i upgraded to Krypton 17.0, then i had a lot of issues (randomly shutting down and jagged edges) i tried to roll back to Jarvis 16.0 but messed up and could not get kodi back on so i reinstalled Ubuntu and did a fresh install of Kodi and thats were i'm at at the moment, still got jagged edges.
any help appreciated.
Another thing i forgot to mention is, that when i stop the 3D film and it goes back to the home screen, the resolution has dropped, i restart kodi and its ok.