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Full Version: One For All Remote Info/Context Mapping
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Hi there,

I've recently bought a One For All remote (this one) to consolidate a load of remotes. I've used its learning capability to map controls from this remote which has been my Kodi controller for umpteen years. I have only one problem. I never mapped the context menu button to the original remote (I used the remotes mouse capability for right clicking and deleting episodes for example, and also for getting at movie info). Obviously the One For All doesn't have a mouse capability, so I'd really like to map one of the unused buttons to the context menu.

How do I go about doing this? I did wonder if it would be easier to map it on the original remote, then have the One For All learn it, but I still don't know how to map it to either remote...

Thanks for any help!
OK, cool, I'll give that a go later. I guess it'll be best to configure the old remote then have the One For All learn it from that.