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Full Version: Want make some weather skining change on xml files
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Hi all

First all I am new here...

i would like to do some change on kodi XML files

i dont know what of XML files i need to change for do my change (I run KODI 17.1 on windows )

i want the weather and the clock show even if i wach video or listen to music...

what do i need add or change to do it work??

please help

Make an Include containing the weather infolabels you want to use. Then either stick the include in a custom window that is always visible, or put the include into every window xml you want it to show up.
Hey I still can not figure it out Confused

I've been stuck on it for a week....

I tried to copy all entire myweather.xml file into the VideoFullScreen.xml file
And it does not work out for me it doesnt show me the clock and weather

I would be very happy if someone could help me with that
I`m not development pearson (but i know the logic behind)

I just want to show the weather and the clock

also be displayed all the time when I`m running videos
You might be better off asking in the forum of the skin that you wish to modify.

If it is the default Kodi 17 skin "Estuary", that is here: