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Full Version: Not able to view jpeg pics from a NAS drive (WD my cloud)
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Good evening.

My 1st post - I am hoping someone can help.

I am having difficulty viewing my pictures on from my NAS drive on Kodi - I am currently running Jarvis 16.1 from a minix box.

I seem to be able to access my NAS drive via the picture menu after adding the source address for it. It then allows me to go into Photos, choose an album > but only give me empty thumbnails (without any corresponding pictures) - when clicking on any of these it just shows a blank screen.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I believe it should show up and play a slideshow if wanted.

Post a proper debug log (wiki) accessing this folder/file with Kodi, perhaps we can decipher what is going on.
how does one post a debug log?

ok i think i have done it
You have installed Banned add-ons (wiki), so you won't get any support here unless you want to remove them.